Becoming a Product Development Director in the Fashion World

ModelHave you always dreamed about landing your dream job within the Fashion Industry? Something that would invigorate and motivate you every day? That perfect profession that would have you rushing from duvet to office each morning?

Acquiring a career within the Fashion world is no easy feat, it is extremely competitive, a dog eat dog world and with so many varying roles and positions, ensuring you secure the correct role is essential.

Matching your strongest qualities and skills with the job spec will increase your chances of a happy work life as you will be more confident about fulfilling the duties required of you as well as supporting your ability to further your chosen career.

What does a Product Development Director do?

A Product Development Director in the fashion industry has the responsibility for the full product development process, from conceptual stage to planning and delivery. They are creative individuals with strong commercial skills. They work closely with many different departments including Design, Buying & Planning, Production and Sales. They are involved with the sourcing process and oversee the planning and price negotiations with suppliers. Continue reading


Which Fashion Career Is Right for You?

fashionistaBecoming a fashion designer is often the ultimate dream for any fashion focused career person, however it does take impressive skills, not to mention some luck to get noticed. If you lack such skills then do not fear; there are other careers in the fashion world that don’t involve a needle and thread.

If you want some hands-on advice and some more in-depth possible career options, then look for a fashion recruitment agency, such as Hudson Walker International, who will go into more detail with you.

For now though, here are a few basic suggestions and ideas for careers that may suit your skills. Continue reading

Emerging Fashion Jobs

The fashion industry is constantly expanding, with new jobs being created left, right and centre. Do you wish to put your fashion skills to the test?  Why not consider going through a niche recruitment agency to obtain your dream job?

Emerging Fashion JobsThe fashion industry had a slow start in regards to its uptake by online shoppers in comparison to the music world and other industries. However, this is rapidly changing; many consumers feel more confident about online shopping, with recent data from the Wall Street Journal suggesting that an astounding majority (over 90%) prefer online to offline sources.

A number of different online fashion jobs have emerged in recent years; read on to discover more about these rising roles within the industry.

Continue reading


Jobs for Fashionistas

Are you a budding fashionista? Do you want to pursue a career in the fashion industry?  This guide will provide you with prospective jobs that could shape your future. If you have a passion for fashion, you will no doubt experience a rush of excitement when reading these creative career opportunities.

If you are a dedicated follower of fashion then there are a number of routes into the industry for those with limited experience. Desperate to get your beautifully heeled foot in the door? Here’s how…    Continue reading

How to Secure a Position with a Luxury Fashion Brand

Whether you aspire to be a merchandise buyer or flagship store director, securing a job with a luxury fashion brand is no easy feat. Besides a tenacious attitude and bags of talent you’ll need plenty of experience, great contacts and an impressive resume to fight off the fierce competition.


Fashion JobsThe fashion industry is one of the most competitive fields to break into and although it goes without saying, experience is paramount. Conversely, where you gain experience is just as important as having the experience in the first place. Continue reading

How to Keep Up With Emerging Fashion Trends

If you work in fashion, you’ll understand better than anyone that new trends are what the industry depends upon. Take a look at these fashion forward tips on how to spot and keep up with emerging trends.

Whether you’ve got a job as an international buying manager or are a stylist to the stars, you’ll know all too well that staying up to date with the latest trends and styles is integral to the role. And whilst stagnant style has no place in the fashion industry, constantly staying ahead of the game is no easy feat. Read these savvy tips on how to spot and keep up with emerging trends, fashionistas unite! Continue reading

Use a Fashion Industry Headhunter to Find your Next Highflyer

Fashion industry headhunters understand the world of fashion isn’t all about the glitz and glamour; far from it in fact. If you’re looking for a top level executive for your fashion business, then a fashion industry headhunter can help, and here’s how…  

As anyone who has even the smallest speck of insight into the fashion industry will already appreciate, there’s a hell of a lot more to it than the perceived glitz and glamour. Working in the fashion industry requires a huge amount of grit and determination, and in many cases, thick skin will be a big advantage too. Understanding the industry plays a crucial part in successfully recruiting for it. Fashion headhunters should be true industry insiders, with a comprehensive understanding of the qualities a candidate will need to succeed in what are often very high pressured roles. Continue reading