Emerging Fashion Designers 2014

Catwalk CartoonAre you aware of the up and coming designers of 2014? The most talked about styles and trends of the Spring/Summer collections and the industry executives that are driving the talent above and beyond any label lovers expectations?

The SS14 fashion week is already in our rear view mirror and the fashion world is already gazing ahead and constructing their predictions for the AW14 designs. All the major Fashion publications have been praising their favourite designers and collections from the New York, London, Paris and Milan fashion weeks and forecasting great things for AW14.

Some of this season’s widely talked about, hottest designers are Charles Elliot Harbison who has exhibited his statement coats, and Nellie Partow with her cool, yet feminine range; Nelly Partow’s website bio describes her work as “Refined minimalism with a distinctly effortless and alluring approach.”

British-based designer Emilia Wickstead has been all the rave with her very ‘lady-like’ seasonal, ready to wear garments, and Rebecca Vallance whose creations are referred to as “distinctly edgy yet
sophisticated offerings that eschews trends in
favour of embracing their own

Possessing an in-depth knowledge of Fashion can be a great instrument when job hunting. As the saying goes, ‘knowledge is power.’ Make sure you do your homework with regards to the designers who are making waves and having an impact. If you have an existing ‘passion for fashion,’ you will more than likely have favourite designers already, but do you know their backgrounds and how they became a brand name? Take time to research and learn from their stories. The end result will come down to your passion and commitment to the brand and the ways in which you express it.

Even working in retail in a part-time position can benefit your applications. Starting from the bottom of the chain as a retail assistant, getting promotions and working your way up to applying for Fashion Store Director jobs is definitely possible with the correct training, experience and education. Take a look at case studies, such as this one, to understand what recruiters look for in a candidate.

Boasting intelligence of what is current and on trend and being aware of the designers that will be impacting the future fashion styles will always work in your favour within the Fashion industry.


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