Which Fashion Career Is Right for You?

fashionistaBecoming a fashion designer is often the ultimate dream for any fashion focused career person, however it does take impressive skills, not to mention some luck to get noticed. If you lack such skills then do not fear; there are other careers in the fashion world that don’t involve a needle and thread.

If you want some hands-on advice and some more in-depth possible career options, then look for a fashion recruitment agency, such as Hudson Walker International, who will go into more detail with you.

For now though, here are a few basic suggestions and ideas for careers that may suit your skills.

Fashion Merchandising/Sales and Marketing

This is where design and business cross over. Designers need to get their product to the market and out to the public who will then buy their fabulous creations. Merchandisers track and monitor fashion trends and the market, making sure the clothes sell. A head for numbers is needed for this job.

If you want a foot in the door with this sort of role, then retail is a good place to start, and retail management is well paid.

Becoming a buyer is another option. This will require some years of experience on a retail floor as a buyer’s assistant.

Advertising, either on the corporate or retail side, is a great path for the creative artsy types. Advertising, in this age of quick media consumption, is the forefront of any product. Master advertising and you can make a fortune.

Production Management

This is the front line of fashion. Production managers are as the title suggests, responsible for the production of the clothes at manufacturing level. They work with suppliers and retailers to ensure quality products hit the shop rails.

Everyone is interested in the magic formula of getting clothes produced cheaply but with a certain level of quality. This could give you an invaluable insight into the foundations of the fashion world.

Some fashion schools offer Production Management as a degree option. The job does require some business training.

Visual Presentation/Styling

These are two separate though potentially overlapping professions. Stylists are the sidekick’s to fashion designers, and one needs the other to survive, especially when it comes to the top stylists and the celebrities. It’s not a case of what designer will she wear? It’s a case of what designer will her stylist pick?

A degree isn’t necessary, but again, having some understanding of numbers, business, and communications is vital. Networking is more important in styling than anything else, you’re only as good as the last person you styled.

Are you theatrical and creative? Visual presentation could be the job for you. Visual presenters are storytellers in three dimensions, creating environments that inspire, inform, and persuade. There are degrees at art and fashion schools specifically for visual presentation.

Public Relations

PR reps have the job of protecting and projecting a brand’s image. They make sure it’s being talked about in the right way and push the image they want to give.  A degree in communications, marketing, or business is necessary, but above all you must be charming, enthusiastic and likeable.

Fashion Journalist

If you can write and you know fashion then this is the job for you. It can be hard to get into, but with more fashion magazines, e-zines and blogs than ever before, there are plenty of opportunities to get into it.  Regardless of your knowledge, you need to be able to write. Writing classes can be invaluable in improving your writing and setting you on the right path.

You’ll need to write for as many publications and blogs as you can. You probably won’t get paid at first, but put yourself out there, get your work seen and build a portfolio. The paid work will come.

If you’re stuck on how to find these jobs, then visit a fashion recruitment agency, they’ll have details of any of these jobs in their employer client list.


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