Emerging Fashion Jobs

The fashion industry is constantly expanding, with new jobs being created left, right and centre. Do you wish to put your fashion skills to the test?  Why not consider going through a niche recruitment agency to obtain your dream job?

Emerging Fashion JobsThe fashion industry had a slow start in regards to its uptake by online shoppers in comparison to the music world and other industries. However, this is rapidly changing; many consumers feel more confident about online shopping, with recent data from the Wall Street Journal suggesting that an astounding majority (over 90%) prefer online to offline sources.

A number of different online fashion jobs have emerged in recent years; read on to discover more about these rising roles within the industry.

Fashion Blogger

Whilst fashion blogging is not a new role within the industry, the proliferation of bloggers has boomed in recent years. If successful, fashion bloggers can make a tidy sum with personal style blogs as well as other fantastic opportunities such as collaborations with leading designers and retailers.

Fashion blogging is by no means easy; in order to create a loyal online following you must be fully committed to your blog. Don’t let this dissuade you from becoming a fashion blogger; it’s not as if the blog needs to be worked on 24/7, but be sure to assign some time (even if it’s just an hour) every day or at least every other. If you stick with it you’ll be able to earn some extra cash whilst doing something you love – writing!

To become a successful fashion blogger, you need a camera (to create beautiful images for your blog), access to the internet (obviously) and a passion for the industry; if you have all of these plus determination, you’re good to go!

YouTube Vlogger

Video blogging, otherwise known as “vlogging” is becoming increasingly popular. Why? Well the types of different videos you can produce are endless, from hair and make-up tutorials to style vlogs and product reviews – basically whatever you’re passionate about and believe viewers would be interested in learning.

As a YouTube vlogger, all you’ll need to get yourself started is a YouTube account, internet access and a video camera; anyone can be a vlogger these days, along as the determination to be successful  is there. You can apply to become a YouTube partner once you have attained a significant amount of YouTube subscriptions, then you can start making money from your videos through advertisements!

Just like a blogger, the only way to be become an up-and-coming vlogger is to make time for your blogs; update regularly, reply to comments and questions and dedicate yourself! Vlogging is the perfect way to make some money on the side whilst doing something fun!

Digital PR

Digital PR applies an agency’s fashion expertise in both PR and production to connect the fashion and digital worlds. This field of work is not restricted to communication alone. Tools have been integrated into operational processes such as event planning, inventory management and sample tracking due to the complex logistics that are involved. Fashion PRs are now saying goodbye to pens and clipboards and embracing the luxury of using a new iPad for guest lists.

However, although new tools and technologies are important within digital PR, they are incomparable to real insider knowledge; no amount of technology can replace prized inside information such as an editor’s deadlines and filing days.

If you possess knowledge of the fashion industry – how it works as well as current styles and trends –along with a clear understanding of marketing communications and ecommerce, a fashion digital PR role could be right up your street.  Niche recruitment agencies are there to give you a helping hand.

Social Media Manager

Social media is crucial within the world of fashion. Why? Well the online presence of a fashion brand in this digital age is essential to its success, making the role of a social media manager pivotal.

An increasing number of organisations are starting to embrace social media and understand the significant part it has to play. As a result, more managerial roles are being created to boost brand awareness and ensure that large audiences are reached through online marketing techniques. Social media is certainly here to stay.

The level of engagement a brand receives is all down to the content the company creates and how effective it is at sharing this content across its relevant communication platforms. Every fashion brand aims to create content that causes customers to either buy the product or inadvertently share the brand’s key messages across social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter.

For further assistance, check out a niche recruitment agency online to gain further information on how to succeed in securing a fashion job.


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