Why You Need a Fashion Head-hunter to Fill Your Next High Profile Job

Everybody knows that the fashion world is very fickle. One small mistake and your brand could become extinct in a matter of months, and this is never truer than if the mistake relates to the recruitment of top executives for your high-profile positions. Choose the wrong person and it could cost you dearly so why take the chance.

The role of fashion headhunters

Fashion headhunters are expert recruitment agents that will go to any length to find the perfect candidate for your job opening. You give them a brief explaining the job role you want to fill, what the successful candidate will be expected to achieve, what qualifications and experience they should have, what other skills are necessary to secure the position etc. and they search the globe to produce a list of applicants that accurately match your criteria.

Some of the applicants on the list may be actively looking for a new employment challenge while others might not be – hence the term headhunters. It might be that the perfect candidate for your executive job is already happily employed by one of your rivals but this won’t stop a fashion headhunter from making contact and seeing whether the possibility of a change is there.

How fashion headhunters work to find ideal applicants for your high profile job

A lot of research is necessary to produce a quality list of potential applicants for any high profile fashion job but a headhunting team is in the perfect position to do such an arduous task. For example, a fashion recruitment agency in London will have contacts in every major fashion hot-spot around the world so that emerging talents are known about before they become big names. By matching the brief that you provide to the talents and expertise of fashion gurus and experts around the world – conveniently recommended by the agency’s contacts – a shortlist of candidates can be drawn up from which you can choose who to interview and who to overlook.

Why use a fashion headhunter service?

The service offered by fashion head hunters goes much further than a simple list of names worth advertising to. More than anything you’ll benefit from the contacts that a headhunting team will have around the fashion world. You’ll also benefit from their expert research skills and their ability to narrow down the list of potential candidates to those that really fit the bill.

Without using a fashion recruitment agency for example, you might only get applicants from the UK or from Europe but what if the ideal person for you executive job is in America or Japan? What if the ideal person doesn’t know that your executive position is available? To find the right person you need to reach out to them and there is no easier or more effective way of doing this than through the medium of a fashion recruitment agency.


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