Use a Fashion Industry Headhunter to Find your Next Highflyer

Fashion industry headhunters understand the world of fashion isn’t all about the glitz and glamour; far from it in fact. If you’re looking for a top level executive for your fashion business, then a fashion industry headhunter can help, and here’s how…  

As anyone who has even the smallest speck of insight into the fashion industry will already appreciate, there’s a hell of a lot more to it than the perceived glitz and glamour. Working in the fashion industry requires a huge amount of grit and determination, and in many cases, thick skin will be a big advantage too. Understanding the industry plays a crucial part in successfully recruiting for it. Fashion headhunters should be true industry insiders, with a comprehensive understanding of the qualities a candidate will need to succeed in what are often very high pressured roles.

Fashion headhunters are most commonly used by organisations to find high level employees who will work in executive or managerial roles. This can cover a range of job titles, from designers and buyers to PR managers. Whilst recruitment agencies can offer a similar service, they often work across a range of industries, and do not possess the specialised knowledge which is integral in making a successful and lasting placement.

Fashion headhunters can help employers in two ways: Firstly, for those organisations looking to fill a role with the right person, but in a hurry, then the service of a headhunter can help to speed the process along. Insider contacts and an innate understanding of the industry helps headhunters to sift quickly through potential candidates until they find the right set of attributes for the role. Headhunters also provide a valuable service for employers looking to fill a role which requires a complex mix of skills and personal qualities. At executive level, obviously experience is essential, but for those top-tier positions, headhunters understand just how important is to find high calibre individuals who are not only highly qualified, but who also fit the culture, ethos and aspirations of the business. It is when recruiting for such specific and specialised roles that fashion industry headhunters come into their own.

For many organisations, finding individuals with the right set of personal attributes is just as important as their skill set. Every new employee who joins an organisation will have an effect on the team dynamic, for better or worse. In some instances fashion headhunters are charged with finding an individual whose primary purpose is to improve the team dynamic, rather than to add particular skills. Conversely, you might have just lost an influential member of the team, in which case a headhunter will be able to replace them with someone who will bring the same professional acumen to the role, without rocking the boat.

Author: Hudson Walker are specialist fashion industry headhunters with vast experience and an innate understanding of the industry. If you’re looking to fill key roles within your fashion business, contact Hudson Walker today.             


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